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Online Prices
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Online business account, all features for any business with multiple users and resources to schedule.

Online enterprise account, for organizations with a larger storage and access need.
  • High Priority Live SupportTarget is 4 hours or less and includes priority live and remote support.
  • Unlimited Staff/ResourcesWe do not limit the number of people you can schedule, but events are limited to 15000 per month across all resources. Storage limitations apply.

    Each license you purchase allows a specific number of calendars to be shared, integrations, and approved email addresses to be added for remote viewing:
    Startup = 3:1
    Business = 6:1
    Enterprise = 10:1
  • Full User Access Control Full access, read only, and many other levels of access can be set for each user.
  • High Security & Data Backup We use SSL and data encryption to help protect your data and database. Business and Enterprise accounts use a Multi-Tenant Data service. This means your data is in your own private database and isolated giving you an even higher level of security above shared database systems.

    We also backup your database independently multiple times per day for ultimate protection.
  • Map & Location Tagging Tag your Events and Tasks with a destination. View the update history and location of changes by Users. View the last known location of your Users.
  • API & Integrations Use our API and Webhook integrations to connect your account to 1000's of other web services and automation tools.

    Each license you purchase allows a specific number of integrations to be added:
    Startup = 3:1
    Business = 6:1
    Enterprise = 10:1
  • SQL Server Hosting If you have our desktop software we can fully host your database online and allow you to use our SQL servers and storage infrastructure.

  • Discounts based on quantities over 10 is 10%, over 25 is 15%, over 50 is 20%.
    Based on 12 month prepay which includes a 10% discount, and excludes VAT.


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